About Sangare Hills


With a sweeping view of the Aberdare Mountain Range and Mount Kenya and sandwiched between the two, rolling scenery consists of wooded ravines, open meadows, dense thickets and beautiful dams for fishing and water sports. Sangare is the perfect landscape, on which you will build a holiday home.

Sangare is approximately 30km from Nyeri, 6km off the Nyeri- Nyahururu highway. The concept involves purchasing a footprint within a disturbance area of approximately 45m X 45m (2025 Square metres) with an opportunity to develop a holiday cottage or country home within set guidelines.

The Place

Childhood memories are bound to vividly come back once you build your dream holiday home in Sangare Hills. Not only does the past grab you but the opportunity to create even better holiday memories makes your home such a gem. Sangare Hills will be set within a secure conservancy with a perimeter electric fence boundary, making it the perfect get away.